Copenhagen, I am coming ...

Finally the time of ISPOR Europe 2019 has arrived and I will depart in a few days for Copenhagen, where the conference is held this year. I am actually looking forward to this as I am curious to see what type of conference ISPOR is, that is, whether I will be able to find some interesting works and have some “applied statistics”-related discussions or the attention is more placed on “economics and clinical” matters.

Conferences updates and news

Just a quick update about some talks I gave/am about to give to advertise my research work. The one in Brighton, which I gave a couple of weeks a go at ICTMC, went really well and I was glad to hear that some people were very interested in what I presented.

More good news...

I have got two news coming up. First, the paper I wrote with Michael and Gianluca on Bayesian methdos for longitudinal data in trial-based economic evaluations has finally been published as early view on JRSSA.