New tutorials for missingHE

Nothing major to report for the past month, mostly spent at home still in lockdown. A few offices and shops have already opened in London but all the public stuff, including my office at UCL will remain close until who knows when.

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It has been a while from my last update on this website, but this has been an incredibly busy period with lots of routine work that I had to do. Now the situation has clamed down a bit, and I have also some news to report.

New updates for missingHE

In spite of how incredibly busy I am at the moment, which is also weird considering the whole lockdown situation still going on, I managed to upload a new version (1.


missingHE is a R package aimed at providing some useful tools to analysts in order to handle missing outcome data under a Full Bayesian framework in economic evaluations. The package relies on the R package R2jags to implement Bayesian methods via the statistical software JAGS.