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It has been a while from my last update on this website, but this has been an incredibly busy period with lots of routine work that I had to do. Now the situation has clamed down a bit, and I have also some news to report.

New updates for missingHE

In spite of how incredibly busy I am at the moment, which is also weird considering the whole lockdown situation still going on, I managed to upload a new version (1.

So much time but also not really

The lockdown proceeds also here in the UK, as in the rest of the world, and at the moment we have no clear idea how long it will last. Not much we can do apart from staying at home all the time and practicing social distancing.

Living and working at home is nice, right?

It has been roughtly a week and a half now since this whole shutdown started here in London and things are not going to be easy in the next few weeks.