So much time but also not really

The lockdown proceeds also here in the UK, as in the rest of the world, and at the moment we have no clear idea how long it will last. Not much we can do apart from staying at home all the time and practicing social distancing. I am still ok with living at home 24/7 but this has affected my productivity, especially in terms of collaborating with other people.

Although I have a lot of time to dedicate to some works, I am making a slow progress and the time of the day seems to fly in an instant with so many things to do. This months is particularly busy as I am trying to submit a revision for a paper which hanted me for quite a lot of time now and which I must finish by the first days of May. I am also working on side projects but these have been slowed down due to the current situation. I hope I can find the time (and the will) to do some more updates to my website by adding more tutorials and similar stuff. I do have some nice ideas about possible projects and collaboration but I need to wait until after this weird period.

I am also planning to prepare a new version for my R package missingHE to add some nice additional features for post-processing the results of Bayesian models and to implement new types of models. These, however, will take time, which at the moment is one thing that I do have but that I also do not have.

Anyway, not much of an update this one, but I hope things will move quicker in the next couple of months or so.