Finally here ...

The new year is finally taking off for me and I have a couple of updates. First, I would like to remind everyone about the exciting new course “understanding health economics in clinical trials” that me and the rest of our research team HEART have put together to support the dissemination of health economics among all people involved in the design and analysis of clinical trials. I look forward to deliver this one-day short course together with my colleagues from the UCL PCPH department which will be structured into different sessions during the day of Feb 11th at the UCL CCTU - 2nd Floor, 90 High Holborn, London. The course is specifically intended for those who would like to know more about health economics, which has become an important component in the design, analysis and most crucially, for the funding approval of clinical trials. The course will focus on the following aspects:

  1. A short intorduction to the basic concepts of health economics and why these can be relevent to different people

  2. A review of different types of intruments and tools used to collect health economic data in clinical trials

  3. A quick look at decision models with some examples

  4. A summary of the typical results from health economic analyses and how to interpret them

The course is still in its pilot form and therfore it is free of charge. If there are still places available, you are very welcome to join and give us your feedback!.

Second, I am happy to announce that my recent paper about the use of Bayesian Hierarchical Models for the Prediction of Volleyball Results has finally been published on the Journal of Applied Statistics. I am really proud of this paper as it is my first solo paper publiched and because I have always been very invested in the general topic of predicting sport results using probability models. To be able to publish something about this based on my own efforts is very rewarding in terms of the (small) contribution to research that I hope I was able to provide.

Finally, I have submitted an abstract to the 2020 European Health Economics Association Conference, which this year will be held in Oslo, Norway.
I have now to patiently wait for the review of the abstracts and see if my work made it, either as an oral presenation or as a poster. Fingers crossed!.