Discussing my thesis

The Academic Health Economists blog

I have been kindly invited by the amazing person Chris Sampson to talk about the work I inlcuded in my PhD thesis for his monthly rubric entitled “Thesis Thursday” on the The Academic Health Economists blog.

I happily accepted Chris’s invitation as I beleive this initiative is really interesting and represents a nice way for newly graduated PhD students to advertise their work while also giving the chance to people interested in health economics to read about some academic work which is typically freely available to everyone.

Here you can find the full interview, which is not very long and resolves around 5 questions that Chris asked me about my work. I already new this blog but I have never had a proper chance to read through its posts carefully, which is a shame.

I shall promise myself to try to check it more often from now on, using this interview as a nice motivation to do so. In fact, there are not many blogs around health economics matters (here a non-comprehensive list), among which The Academic Health Economists and Gianluca’s blog are my favourites.

I hope I will be able to find some time to write some nice posts about some health economic applications of my work in the next future as this is still the most interesting field for me at the moment. I am also the maintainer of another small blog called the Health Economics Analysis and Research Methods Team (HEART) blog, where I occasionally write some posts on health economics together with my colleagues from the UCL department of Primary Care and Population Health. The blog is still new but I hope it can become more active in the next months.