Let us do some work

After the terrible start of this year, things are going ok now and I am quite busy with different projects that I left a bit behind. First, I can confirm that me and my colleagues from the HEART group are going to give an introductory course to health economic evaluations next month for different groups of people from academia and clinical trial units. The course has been generally structured based on our “pilot” we gave last year (which went really well by the way) and involves many different topics that will cover the entire day of February 11th. The attending list is already full and thw waiting list is also quite big; happy to see so much interest in economic evaluations.

Second, I will give a talk at the PRIMENT statistics and health economics and methodology seminar about an on-going project on missing data in trial-based analysis on Tuesday 28th, at UCL PRIMENT CTU. I am really happy to be back at these seminars which I feel I really nice and where you have the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and job positions who may give some useful feedback on my work. Hopefully, people will find my research interesting!. I would also like to mention the fact that one of my HEART colleague, Marie, will give another talk at the same seminar just before me. Her topic is the economic analysis plan for a trial she has been involved with and I think she is really good, so may worth check her presentaiton out.

Third, I have finalised a long-waited submission for a paper which has been discussed, written and re-written many times. I really hope we can get some useful feedback on it as I personally worked very hard to keep this work alive. Let see if my efforts have not been in vain and fingers crossed!

Fourth, as a side note, I have recently bought a new book on missing data called Semiparametric Thoery and Missing Data by Tsiatis, which looks very interesting. To be honest, the book is quite technical with many theoretical concpets and proofs which sometimes I find hard to follow. However, so far it gives a nice introduction to semiparametric models and I look forward to see how it approaches the missing data topic from a non likelihood-based approach. If you are into non/semiparametric statistics and want to find out more about this, I recommend the reading.

Finally, more work is also coming up in the next weeks and some of this is not going to be very enjoyable, I think. Anyway, let us go through this busy period at our best and see how things will go.