Some good news...

The University of Florida

With the approaching of the new academic here I have received some good news for my most recently submitted paper on Bayesian parametric modelling in health economics for missing longitudinal data, which at the moment is only available on arXiv.

I am happy to announce that, after a couple of rounds of reviews, the paper has been finally accepted for publication in JSS: Series A. I believe that the reviewers provided a very nice feedback for improving the work and I am quite satisfied with the final version of the article which, I hope, will be of interest for anyone involved in the analsysi of partially-observed longitudinal data. I hope the pre-print of the paper will be available soon and I will “advertise” my work in two conferences in the next couple of months, where I will present the content of the paper, namely ICTMC this October in Brighton, and ISPOR Europe this November in Copenhagen.

I am really excited about this paper which represented the last part of my PhD thesis and on which I worked really hard in the last year of my studies. Here you can find a general summary of the content of the article, while here there are some slides that describe the main idea behind the proposed model.

I just want to conlcude with some thanks with my co-authors of the paper, Michael and Ginaluca, without whom I would have not been able to write this paper. This was my first work with Mike, with whom I had a wonderful collaboration and I was able to visit the beatiful city of Gainesville (FL) during my first visiting period at the University of Florida (see thumbnail picture). I hope this will be the first of many works together in the furture!.