Living and working at home is nice, right?

It has been roughtly a week and a half now since this whole shutdown started here in London and things are not going to be easy in the next few weeks. I am lucky, in that my job allows me to work remotely with limited inconveniences. Other people have to go outide for working and, if not risking thier life, at least put at risk the life of those who they care most. Last week was particularly bad in terms of supermarket products which were sold out for the most part. This week is a bit better as people may have realised that for the moment, if we just buy products as usual, we still have food and toilet paper for everyone.

To be honest, not much to update on my work which has slowed down due to this whole situation and also to me not feeling at my best. I hope I will have some time to look at the different projects I am involved with in the next few days. In the meantime, I worked a bit on my website with new JAGS and STAN tutorials and I have also uploaded on my GitHub page some materials (e.g. software code) related to some of the projects I did. For example, here the link to the JAGS and STAN code for the model I used to predict volleyball results

Not sure what gif to use this time to conclude the post. So I guess I will just go for a random cat picture, which does not make any sense but which is always nice to look at.