Conferences updates and news

Bella Center - Copenhagen

Just a quick update about some talks I gave/am about to give to advertise my research work. The one in Brighton, which I gave a couple of weeks a go at ICTMC, went really well and I was glad to hear that some people were very interested in what I presented. For more info, here a link to my presentation about missing data methods for trial-based economic evaluations that I discussed. Honestly, since the conference was mainly directed towards people working in clinical trials, I did not expect a huge interest in the use of Bayesian methods for economic evaluations, but apparently (and I am happy about that) I was wrong.

I had the chance to chat a bit with few people that I did not know, including William Hollingworth from Bristol and Ines Rombach from Oxford, with whom I had very nice conversations about my work and other interesting topics. I was also glad to meet some known faces, including the always lovely Catrin Plumpton from Bangor University, who I met for the first time at HESG this summer and with whom I share the interest in missing data methods (even though she is a STATA and multiple imputation user, sadly). I am also glad that I met my previous PhD secondary supervisor, Alexina Mason, with whom it is always a pleasure to talk with. Unfortunately, we both missed the talk of each other becuase of time problems but it was good to catch up with her again. I am also sad that I could not attend Baptiste’s presentation which was the last day of the conference (I had to leave the same day of my talk, the first day) and I was not also able to actually meet him. I hope we will be able to see him soon at some other conference in the near future.

Given this past experience, I am now looking forward to meet new people at my next conference at the Bella Center in Copenhagen (thumbnail) where this year ISPOR Europe 2019 will be held. However, I believe this will be a much larger conference and therefore I will probably not have many chances to talk with people as I did at ICTMC. Plus I am only preseting a poster this time, so it will be less likely that some people will actually notice my work, especially given the typically huge amount of presenters of this type of conferences. In the wrost case, I will enjoy Copenhagen and meet up with some old friends who live in Denmark and who will come at ISPOR to present some other work.