Joint Longitudinal Models for Dealing With Missing at Random Data in Trial-Based Economic Evaluations

With [Rachael Hunter]( and [Alexina Mason]( and [Gianluca Baio](

Bayesian Hierarchical Models for the Prediction of Volleyball Results

Modelling Framework We extend and adapt the modelling frameworks typically used for the analysis of football data and propose a novel Bayesian hierarchical modelling framework for the analysis and prediction of volleyball results in regular seasons.


An R package to handle missingness in health economic evaluations

Missingness Methods in trial-based CEA

With [Alexina Mason]( and [Gianluca Baio](

Bayesian Methods for Health Technology Assessment

With [Andrea Manca]( and [Gianluca Baio](

Bayesian Modelling for Health Economic Evaluations

With [Alexina Mason]( and [Gianluca Baio](

Nonignorable Missingness Models in HTA

With [Michael Daniels]( and [Gianluca Baio](