Bayesian Statistics

Doing some teaching...

Hello everybody, it is time for some quick updates about myself and what I have been doing the past month. Well, essentially, I have been crazy busy doing lots of teaching on statistics-related subjects, which is the primary reason I was hired here in Maastricth.

What is a Bayesian credible interval

Happy new year everybody! Yeah, I know it already almost February but I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks after the Xmas break. From getting familiar with the courses I am teaching this term to providing consultancy advice on statistical problems for students from FHML at UM.

What is Bayesian inference?

What is probability ? The answer to this question is generally acknowledged to be the one that respects the so called Kolmogorov axioms which can be brutally simplified to:

Why be Bayesian?

Many times I have been asked by co-workers and people around me who are a bit familiar with statistics why I choose to be Bayesian and whether I feel confident in using this approach for my data analysis rather than the most widely accepted frequentist methods, at least in my research area.


missingHE is a R package aimed at providing some useful tools to analysts in order to handle missing outcome data under a Full Bayesian framework in economic evaluations. The package relies on the R package R2jags to implement Bayesian methods via the statistical software JAGS.

Bayesian methods for addressing missing data in health economic evaluations

Pre-conference workshop

A Bayesian Parametric Approach to Handle Missing Longitudinal Outcome Data in Trial-Based Health Economic Evaluations

Trial-based economic evaluations are typically performed on cross-sectional variables, derived from the responses for only the completers in the study, using methods that ignore the complexities of utility and cost data (e.g. skewness and spikes). We …

Bayesian Statistical Economic Evaluation Methods for Health Technology Assessment

The evidence produced by healthcare economic evaluation studies is a key component of any health technology assessment (HTA) process designed to inform resource allocation decisions in a budget limited context. To improve the quality (and harmonize …

A Full Bayesian Model to Handle Structural Ones and Missingness in Economic Evaluations from Individual-Level Data

Economic evaluations from individual level data are an important component of the process of technology appraisal, with a view to informing resource allocation decisions. A critical problem in these analyses is that both effectiveness and cost data …

A Full Bayesian Model to Handle Structural Ones and Missingness in Health Economic Evaluations from Individual-Level Data

Invited presentation