Frequentist statistics

What is a Bayesian credible interval

Happy new year everybody! Yeah, I know it already almost February but I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks after the Xmas break. From getting familiar with the courses I am teaching this term to providing consultancy advice on statistical problems for students from FHML at UM.

What is Bayesian inference?

What is probability ? The answer to this question is generally acknowledged to be the one that respects the so called Kolmogorov axioms which can be brutally simplified to:

Why be Bayesian?

Many times I have been asked by co-workers and people around me who are a bit familiar with statistics why I choose to be Bayesian and whether I feel confident in using this approach for my data analysis rather than the most widely accepted frequentist methods, at least in my research area.

The P value fallacy

Today, I would like to briefly comment an interesting research article written by Goodman, who provided a clear and exemplary discussion about the typical incorrect interpretation of a standard frequentist analysis in the field of medical research.