It is Xmas again Yeah

It is Xmas again! Wow, how quickly time flies. The situation here in the Netherlands is not ideal as the number of infected is on the rise again and the government has declared a full lockdown until January 19th.

A couple of updates

Finally some exciting updates! I really need some good news after all that happened this year. So, first of all I have recentely found out that one of the paper I co-authored got published early this year but I actually forgot to check it.

New tutorials for missingHE

Nothing major to report for the past month, mostly spent at home still in lockdown. A few offices and shops have already opened in London but all the public stuff, including my office at UCL will remain close until who knows when.

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It has been a while from my last update on this website, but this has been an incredibly busy period with lots of routine work that I had to do. Now the situation has clamed down a bit, and I have also some news to report.

New updates for missingHE

In spite of how incredibly busy I am at the moment, which is also weird considering the whole lockdown situation still going on, I managed to upload a new version (1.

So much time but also not really

The lockdown proceeds also here in the UK, as in the rest of the world, and at the moment we have no clear idea how long it will last. Not much we can do apart from staying at home all the time and practicing social distancing.

Living and working at home is nice, right?

It has been roughtly a week and a half now since this whole shutdown started here in London and things are not going to be easy in the next few weeks.


I have to admit, although I expected some fear to spread because of the virus which is currently and quickly infecting the world, I was surprised by the frenzy surrounding us, especially in my homecountry (Italy) and particularly in my parents' region which is at the moment under lockdown.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

The moment for the second edition of the HEART’s one-day introductory course to health economics arrived at last! The course, led by Rachael Hunter and called “Understanding health economics in clinical trials”, took place on Tuesday 11 February and was prepared in collaboration between the HEART group and the Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology (ICTM).

Finally here ...

The new year is finally taking off for me and I have a couple of updates. First, I would like to remind everyone about the exciting new course “understanding health economics in clinical trials” that me and the rest of our research team HEART have put together to support the dissemination of health economics among all people involved in the design and analysis of clinical trials.