Going back to teaching, hurray!

Hello everbody and it is good to be back after a nice and cozy Easter break. As probably most of you, I was too forced to spend my Easter holidays away from my family this year but at least here in the Netherlands the weather was pretty nice during the Easter weekend and I was able to enjoy a nice walk through the city center of Maastricht which was an amazing experience.

Sunny days which I cannot fully enjoy

Here we are again. Except now it feels like a very nice spring time here in Maastricht with beautiful sunny days an warm weather. The picture does not really represent the environment in this region of the Netherlands (called Limburg), but I thought it was a very nice picture to put as thumbnail.

Doing some teaching...

Hello everybody, it is time for some quick updates about myself and what I have been doing the past month. Well, essentially, I have been crazy busy doing lots of teaching on statistics-related subjects, which is the primary reason I was hired here in Maastricth.

Finally here ...

The new year is finally taking off for me and I have a couple of updates. First, I would like to remind everyone about the exciting new course “understanding health economics in clinical trials” that me and the rest of our research team HEART have put together to support the dissemination of health economics among all people involved in the design and analysis of clinical trials.

Conferences updates and news

Just a quick update about some talks I gave/am about to give to advertise my research work. The one in Brighton, which I gave a couple of weeks a go at ICTMC, went really well and I was glad to hear that some people were very interested in what I presented.

More good news...

I have got two news coming up. First, the paper I wrote with Michael and Gianluca on Bayesian methdos for longitudinal data in trial-based economic evaluations has finally been published as early view on JRSSA.

Some good news...

With the approaching of the new academic here I have received some good news for my most recently submitted paper on Bayesian parametric modelling in health economics for missing longitudinal data, which at the moment is only available on arXiv.